The Importance of Mouthwash

Mouthwash.  Who doesn’t have some sort of memory surrounding a refreshing sting in the mouth after slushing around a big swig of Listerine for a minute?  That feeling of freshness is amazing, and it does it part to keep halitosis at bay, but it’s definitely no substitute for a good brushing and flossing routine.

As we’ve said in previous blogs, brushing and flossing twice-daily is the best way to prevent disease and maintain healthy oral hygiene for a lifetime of happy smiles. Still, for some people mouthwash serves as a good addition to your mouth routine, particularly if you’re prone to cavities.

Different types of mouthwash like fluoride rinses may protect teeth against acids produced by plaque bacteria.  This can go a way to help reduce gum inflammation and buildup of tartar.  With so many products on the market it might pay to ask your dentist what kind of mouthwash is best for you.  You’ll have to ask yourself questions like “do I want a mouthwash with alcohol” or “should my mouthwash care for my gum sensitivity” or “do I need a prescription-strength mouthwash to help care for my teeth because I have terrible tooth enamel”.

It seems strange to have to say it, but remember there actually is a proper way to use mouthwash. Take a moment to read the label and note things like:

  • What is the correct amount to use?
  • Does this mouthwash need to be diluted?
  • How long should I swish for?

Remember – mouthwash is not a replacement for brushing but can serve as an extra helper in the fight against plaque.  Think you might need to add mouthwash to your daily routine?  Give us a call or schedule an appointment today to talk to our experts!

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