The Trick-or-Treating Dentist

And now a story from Kristopher, a fan of Berker’s Family Dentistry.

“Ah, Halloween – I love you so much.  When I was a kid it was all about wearing cool costumes to school and then going out trick-or-treating for candy.  As an adult, I relish those few hours on the evening of the 31stwhen I get to sit on the porch and greet all of the excited kids who come up to my door. I have many memories of Halloween, but none so strange as the trick-or-treating dentist from college.

I went to a small college in Iowa where students lived in resident halls all four years.  Every year one of the freshman dorms was designated as a location where the kids in town could come through and get candy from the college kids.  Pretty cool, right?!  I remember being 18, feeling so grown up, and acting all responsible and adult-like to every kid who knocked on the door.  What a neat memory.

The best part of this though was the actual adult who was going around reverse-trick-or-treating. I never learned his name, but he was a local dentist who came to the dorms, went to every single room, and handed out floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste samples to all of the college kids. Just image it: you’re on a roll opening the door to little kids in costume, handing them gobs of sugary goodness, and then suddenly SURPRISE there’s somebody not in costume who wants to give YOU something.

And what a smart plan this was.  I look back at it now in my 30s with a child of my own and see this as a compassionate act of service to the community.  At the peak of the sugary holiday of tooth decay, there’s a man that spends a few hours to remind people to take care of their teeth.  It’s a memory I’ll never forget.

Yes, I did floss my teeth that night.”

While you won’t find Dr. Berkers or Dr. Moeller going around giving out tooth goodies to college students during Halloween, you will find yourself receiving complimentary toothbrushes, toothpaste samples, and floss at the end of every cleaning. Ready to get those pearly whites shining?  Make your spooktacular appointment with us today!

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