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Smile is an important part of your confidence level in day-to-day life. A great smile can make or break decisions at important times, and it is used to convey a wide range of emotions.


But not all of us are happy with our smiles.


Aligners are used to enhance your smiles, making them light up rooms with your confidence and optimism. But choosing a clear aligners treatment that provides the most benefits and convenience can be tricky.


Here’s a guide that covers everything you need to know about getting clear aligners treatment.

Why do you need aligners? What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are designed to help your teeth return to their normal position by applying some pressure on them.


If your recent search history says, “Do I need aligners,” then here is the answer.


You might need aligners if you have:

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. Gaps between teeth
  3. Crowded/ spacing issues in the mouth
  4. Issues with biting properly


Tooth alignment can not only drastically change the appearance of your smile, but also have varying impacts on the biting efficiency. Hence it can be a part of a larger problem.


Aligners are a very convenient way to bring your teeth back into alignment and fix these issues. But why should you go for aligners instead of other methods?

Benefits of aligners

Here are the benefits of choosing aligners instead of conventional braces:


  1. It takes less time to show results:

When worn consistently for 22 hours a day, aligners show a drastic impact on the position of the teeth. It takes considerably less time than conventional metal braces to show results.


  1. More comfortable

Aligners are made of smooth material. It is easy to remove and place them back. Metal braces always come with the risk of cuts and bruises around the mouth due to their sharp nature.


  1. More convenient

Clear aligners can be removed and placed with ease. They are also invisible, so they save you from unnecessary embarrassment and inconvenience. It is also easier to clean aligners, whereas cleaning traditional metal braces can become tricky and time-consuming.


Aligners are generally preferred for school and office-going people who need to increase their overall dental well-being without compromising on convenience.


But there are a few cases when aligners are not preferred. They are:


  1. When your teeth are severely misaligned

Aligners can work only with some extent of misalignment to restore the natural shape. In cases where the teeth are severely crooked or have issues because of the shape and size of your jaw, your orthodontist may recommend an alternative treatment route.


  1. When you don’t follow proper dental hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth between meals for proper dental hygiene will be important.


Your orthodontist will consider several factors, including your lifestyle, requirements, and severity of the issue, before recommending the best type of aligners for you.

What to expect while using aligners

You can be well prepared to go through your aligner journey by being aware of the possibilities before the clear aligners treatment.


Before experiencing such a new change, you must know that you can feel the following :


  1. Sore mouth

Initial discomfort and soreness in your mouth when aligners are introduced is normal and should go away within the first few days. But if you consistently practice getting comfortable with the aligner, you are building your dental hygiene.


You need not be worried about this unease, as it is normal for any part of your body to take time to get accustomed to any new major change.


  1. Your teeth feel funny or loose.

Wearing an aligner means putting constant pressure on your teeth. The science behind aligners is simple apply pressure so that the teeth get aligned. Because of this pressure, your teeth may feel loose or funny.


It will take some time to get comfortable with aligners, so it is nothing to be worried about.


  1. You might talk differently.

Some people have noticed a slight lisp or stutter when they begin on this orthodontic journey. This is because your whole mouth is getting comfortable with the aligners: your tongue placement and everything changes.


So give it some time, and get ready to be mesmerized by your own confident and perfect smile.


Your experience with aligners may be different. In most cases, these go away as you get comfortable with your aligners, but you can also consult your orthodontist if an issue persists for over a week.

Best place to get clear aligners from

Looking for the best and most comfortable aligners?

Sweat no more.


Smile direct club clear aligner treatment plans are affordable and professional. The whole process is designed at your convenience.


Here is why you should opt for smile direct club aligners:

  • Needs just one office visit to take a 3D impression of your teeth.
  • All sets of aligners are sent directly to your home.
  • You can have virtual check-ins and have access to a dental team at all times to assist you.
  • Smile direct club can offer early and long-lasting results.
  • You can choose to pay through two different methods.


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Q1: How long do you have to wear aligners?

It is suggested to wear aligners for 6-12 months generally. But this also largely depends on the intensity of the issue. If the malocclusion, i.e., the intensity of misalignment, is large, you might be suggested to wear the aligners for a longer period of time.


Your orthodontist will be able to guide you with the specific time frame better.


Q2: Are clear aligners better than braces?

On the basis of comfort, you will have more reasons to use aligners. But, aligners can not treat all cases. Braces generally can treat many conditions.


Q3: Can I eat with aligners on?

Aligners can be removed and inserted back on very conveniently, so you can easily remove your aligners for drinks and food.

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