Dental Anesthesia – The Lighter Side of Dentistry

Well, it’s happened to the best of us.  You’ve got an extra tooth, you’re getting your wisdom teeth taken out, you’re in for some reconstructive surgery…the list goes on.  What binds us all together though – anesthesia.  Today we showcase our top four picks for anesthesia-related funny videos online.

#4 – David After Dentist 

Seven-year-old David had a case of hypodontia.  He went in to get that extra tooth pulled, and came out to his dad’s camera.  What a gem! (just wait for the excited scream midway through…)

#3 – Jack After Dentist 

Jack got his wisdom teeth removed as a teenager. The aftermath was emotional full of face leakage, poetry, and flags.  You keep on building the ocean, Jack…

#2 – Guy forgets everything in life except Batman! 

We could all learn something from Guy as he expresses his visceral gratitude just for having a family after coming out of general anesthesia.  Yeah, buddy – we all love big dogs, too…

#1 – Girl Thinks She’s A Vampire After Wisdom Teeth Surgery 

Poor Anna, none of us want to be a Kardashian or a vampire after surgery either. Hang in there, friend.  Maybe stay away from tooth take out from vampire surgeons next time…

There you have it!  Now go be like Guy and tell your family members how much you appreciate them. Stay away from vampires, and watch out for unicorns on the road.  And of course, if you have anything going on inside your mouth that might require some anesthesia, request an appointment today.  We’re here to help!

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