Why We Brush Our Teeth

When you wake up, odds are one of the first things that you’ll do will be to brush your teeth.  Have you ever stopped to wonder why though?  (And no, the answer isn’t because your mom told you to since you were a little kid.)  Our culture, modern diet, and lifestyle habits all contribute to the purpose of putting the paste on the brush and cleaning those teeth twice every day.

Way back when, our ancient ancestors had pretty good teeth! Archaeological evidence suggests little evidence of cavities or major dental issues despite early hominids not having access to teeth brushing (let alone dental offices).  Scientists argue this is due to a few factors, but primarily a diet that was rich in non-processed foods, nutrient and fiber-rich diets in general, and exercise.  Today our culture of processed foods, sugar in almost everything we eat and drink, and caustic soda and smoking habits all adds up to regular buildup of plaque on and between our teeth.  Don’t believe us – just don’t brush your teeth for a day and see how much more visibly yellow your teeth are after 24 hours of eating regularly…and then please brush and floss.

So, since you are not an ancient hunter-gatherer, it’s up to you to counteract the effects of your normal diet with regular oral hygiene!  Brushing twice daily prevents cavities, removes plaque, and reduces the risk of tartar buildup.  Routine brushing maintains fresh breath, prevents gum disease, and saves you a ton of money in the long run!  Think of it: would you rather roll your eyes because you have to brush and floss daily, or would you rather pay that hefty bill for your 7thcavity and 2ndroot canal?  The choice is yours!

So, remember to brush and floss twice daily, eat a balanced diet that limits your sugar intake, and see your dentist on a regular basis!  Berker’s Family Dentistry is here for all of your dental needs. Request an appointment today, and keep brushing those teeth!

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