10 Common Dental Procedures You Should Know

10 Common Dental Procedures You Should Know

You have heard again and again about how you should brush and floss regularly to keep your smile glowing. But did you know there are some routine types of dental care procedures that can help you have an upper hand in your dental maintenance?

In this blog, we talk about some dental treatment types you should know about, when you should consider going for them and what to expect!

10 Common Types of Dental Care
Ace your dental health and hygiene with the following types of dental care procedures-

Dental Cleanings
Apart from being one of the most common dental treatment types, it is also one of the most painless and easy ones.
Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth once every six months to keep your oral health at its best.
Plaque and tartar buildup can be removed more effectively using professional cleaning instruments than with a standard brush. In the long run, maintaining the strength and condition of your teeth requires a regular dental cleaning process.
These visits are relatively comfortable, causing minimal discomfort. They also help you potentially treat problems at their onset and not let them grow to a stage where treatment becomes a problem.

Teeth Whitening
Several reasons contribute to yellow teeth, including your diet and genetics. You can choose to have a teeth whitening procedure done to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. It is one of the types of dental treatment that is simple to follow.
Be sure to check with your dentist about sensitivities you might have before the treatment, to prevent any unwanted reaction. Unlike at-home kits that require extra time and effort, dental bleaching is quicker and safer, utilizing specialized gels and light sources for faster results.

Although extractions may sound daunting, dentists prioritize your comfort during dental treatment types such as extraction.
Extractions may be necessary for various reasons, but rest assured, you’ll either be unconscious or thoroughly numbed during the process. While some soreness may follow, extractions typically prevent further discomfort are performed only after careful consideration of the severity of the issue in hand.

For individuals with crooked or discoloured teeth, veneers offer a popular solution. These thin coverings, applied to the front of teeth, address aesthetic concerns effectively. Veneer application is one of the simple and painless dental treatment types, often recommended by dentists for corrective or whitening purposes.

Cavities are common and easily treated with fillings.
Enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth. Acidic food items such as coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and others react with the enamel and can form cavities.

Cavities might be painful but worry not. Filling is one of the types of dental services that is painful and which can be done in an hour.
This quick process gives you long-lasting relief. If you spot cavities in your mouth, ensure to visit your nearest dental cleaning to get this dental procedure done.

The intensity of harm done by the cavity determines whether it has to be treated with regular fillings or crowns. Your dentist will be able to determine the types of dental services required to get it corrected.
If your cavity has caused a significant amount of tooth decay, your dentist might recommend crowns.
This two-visit procedure involves moulding the tooth and fitting a custom-made crown over the affected area. Some dental offices even offer same-day crown services for added convenience.

Root Canal
Now let’s talk about the most feared types of dental care.

Root canals, however scary it sounds, is a typical dental procedure to stop severe tooth pain caused by infection or inflammation. Although the procedure may take a few hours, patients are numbed to ensure a pain-free experience and are often prescribed antibiotics beforehand to manage infection.

Post a root canal surgery, the infected pulp inside your teeth is carefully cleaned and disinfected to prevent further inflammation.

Braces or Invisalign are used commonly to straighten crooked teeth. Crooked teeth might make it problematic for people to clean their teeth properly, and lead to various other problems. Applying braces/Invisalign is one of the common types of dental care procedures.

Traditional braces involve metal components, and new-age braces such as Invisalign offer a less noticeable alternative. Such types of dental care routines may cause slight discomfort but are generally effective in realigning teeth.

Teeth might get chipped or damaged due to a number of issues. To solve this bonding is one of the types of dental care services taken. . Bonding is a non-invasive method to repair chipped or damaged teeth and it uses resin material matched to the natural tooth shade. Although it requires multiple layers and light curing, bonding is a straightforward procedure ideal for minor imperfections.

Dentures are common types of dental care procedures to combat ageing. The procedure offers a natural-looking solution to replace missing teeth. It does take some time to fit dentures and gel in with the rest of the teeth, but the result is a functional set of teeth that restore confidence of the person and enhance oral function.

Want One of The Above Types Of Dental Care Procedure?
It is important to consult and get quality service for any of these types of dental care services that you may need. The expertise and experience of dentists has a great role to play in making sure that you get the promised results.

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Besides providing stellar services, we also provide a variety of resources to educate yourself on keeping your dental hygiene at check.

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