Causes of yellow teeth

What Causes Yellow Teeth and How to Fix it?

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Do you possess yellow or discolored teeth? Are you desiring a smile transformation and questioning how to make your teeth whiter? It is better if we begin by assessing what kind of whitening you require and aim for. We can do this through observing the shade of your teeth and considering about habits that might have led to discoloration, like drinking coffee:
5 Major Causes of Yellow Teeth

Diet: Foods with a lot of tannins, like red wine, are major yellow teeth causes. Drinking coffee, tea and wine are some of the usual reasons for tooth discoloration. These substances can go into your teeth enamel and lead to persistent coloring.

Foods that are known to stain your teeth include berries, tomatoes and other items with high pigmentation. To some extent, what your mother said is true when she mentioned that candy, popsicles and sugary chewing gum can turn your teeth yellow or stained. Excess sugar and simple carbohydrates in the diet might encourage bacteria growth and discoloration on teeth too.

Does tea make your teeth colored? Yes, if colored beverages like red wine, coffee and black tea are left on your teeth all day long then they can cause stains. Colas and sports drinks that have high sugar content might also result in staining.

Also, specific antibiotics can make them gray-brown. Drugs like doxycycline and tetracycline are known to darken teeth for children under 8 years old. Similarly, certain antihistamines as well as medications for high blood pressure and antipsychotic drugs can stain adult teeth. Discuss possible side effects with your doctor if there are any medications that you are presently on or might begin taking.

Smoking is a main reason for yellow or brown teeth, and stains from smoking might be very resistant. However, those who smoke can enhance their teeth’s appearance by stopping the habit. This should be accompanied with consistent oral care which includes brushing twice every day and flossing once daily along using appropriate products to whiten teeth.

Illness: Some medical conditions or drugs can also cause yellow or discolored teeth. People who are having chemotherapy for cancers in their head or neck might get a yellowish hue on their teeth. Moreover, some kinds of prescribed medicines like those used to treat asthma and high blood pressure could be a reason behind stained teeth too.

Bad Oral Care: Poor oral care is a reason for yellow teeth. However, even people who brush and floss with great effort can get these discolored teeth that come from getting older.
Teeth that have become discolored could be one indication of plaque or tooth decay. If you do not brush, floss and use mouthwash regularly to get rid of plaque and assist in stopping tartar from forming, it may speed up the process of teeth discoloration.

Fluoride: Too much exposure to fluoride is another reason for teeth stains, especially in kids. Whitening stained teeth caused by too much fluoride needs dental supervision on a continuous basis.

Fluorosis, which happens when you have too much fluoride in your system while growing up, can make the teeth look discolored. Overconsumption of drinkable water with fluoride, juices, supplements and other things as a child is often the cause for this.

If any of the reasons for teeth staining have made your smile less appealing, there are many whitening options available to you. Take into account the causes of stained teeth when setting your hopes for teeth whitening, but always consult with a dentist and adhere to all instructions given.

How to Whiten Stained Teeth

When you have decided to put money into a smile that is whiter and brighter, there are several treatments to think about. From those done inside the office, to ones at home like strips for whitening or gels, toothpastes and rinses – there exist many methods through which you can bid farewell stained teeth and attain perfect white smiles. Here are some typical details about each of these options that might assist guide your selection on how best to make your teeth whiter.

At-dentist Whitening: This method of teeth whitening is carried out within the dentist’s clinic. It involves putting a bleaching agent directly onto your teeth and possibly using special lights together with bleach to improve the whitening effect. The number of treatments you might need depends on how darkly stained your teeth are at first, and it can be just one or many sessions lasting from around 30 minutes to two hours each time.

Whitening at Home: For whitening teeth at your house, you can get products such as over-the-counter whitening strips, emulsions and gels that are based on peroxide chemistry. Normally, people observe initial effects after some days and these continue for around twelve months with the product. These choices are more economical.

It is difficult to begin when considering teeth that are stained and require whitening. There exist numerous methods for teeth whitening, making it quite hard to select. It’s recommended that you consult your dentist about stained teeth before starting any whitening program, regardless of the method you choose.
Let’s Say Goodbye To Yellow Teeth

As you have already read, yellow teeth causes can have a lot of factors contributing to it.

Even for someone who understands and accepts all of these reasons, having stained yellow teeth can lead to a lot of confidence issues in social settings, having an overall harmful effect on your lifestyle.

You will be happy to know that there are multiple ways in which you can restore your beautiful smile. We have included some options in this guide, but visiting a friendly neighborhood dentist can help you get customized solutions to overcome yellow teeth.

At Berkers, we provide comprehensive teeth whitening services.
Whitening or bleaching of teeth is an easy and secure method for enhancing the brilliance of every smile. Our dentists may propose different types of home bleaching, based on what suits a person’s needs best. We are ready to talk about the choices you have. We would love to help you achieve a whiter smile.Reach out to us to start your teeth whitening journey!

Causes of yellow teeth

Causes of yellow teeth

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